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→  2. Cyprus International Performance Art Festival Visual Epilogue I


"...if you want to visit the village of Kormakitis, there is no problem. If you just show your identity card you can pass the Turkish Border site and visit all the places there. I would suggest to you, to go to my village Kormakitis. Kormakitis is the only place the Cypriots did not leave after the war of 1974. I stayed there for a period of time, but because there was no job, we moved here to Nicosia. Today whenever we want, we can visit our village and stay in our houses."

more information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kormakitis

Korucam or Kornakitis is the largest village of Cyprus with 150 Maronites citizens remaining. Maronites are members of the Maronite Church whose ancestors migrated during the Middle Ages and their language has cypriot, arabic roots.

"The biggest shock for us was when the border reopened after 30 years," said Mavrides. "We hadn't just left behind us a house but a whole way of life."
Maronite Community in crisis

Cyprus Maronites




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Braunschweig      2011 - 2014

2. Cyprus International Performance Art Festival Visual Epilogue I
Die Lieblingsbrille meines Vaters
Das Lieblingsbuch
Der Lieblingshut
Giraffeimania Duo
Die Lieblingsfarbe
Die Lieblingsfrau
Die Lieblingsbrille